Meet Your Hosts, The Shanti Atma Journeys Family

We can’t wait to meet you…

Becky, UK

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Becky Khalil is the founder of Shanti Atma Journeys and Shanti Atma Yoga.

Free spirited is her nature at heart with passion and fearlessness to reach her goals, dreams and vision, and to help everyone she meets along the way to reach theirs. Becky believes that anything is possible and loves to watch people thrive in following the fire led by their hearts. Becky comes from a meditation background  however she takes solace in the practice of Yoga, Mindset, Aromatherapy and Yin.

For Becky, the journey of Shanti Atma is where spirit and soul come alive. Igniting self empowerment, authenticity and divine self through freedom, expression and self care is her vision for everyone she crosses paths with. She believes that becoming yourself is your truest, realest and most beautiful venture one can embark on. Her moto is to nourish your ambitions rather than feed your fears. She hopes to meet you somewhere in the world someday on your unique and quirky journey that is life.

Note from Becky’s student

Becky, the founder of Shanti Atma, IS INCREDIBLE. She has truly changed my life, my career, and my perspective of my body. Her guidance is kind, authentic, and based in a deep well of knowledge. Always 5 Stars!

– Paige, Canada


Anna is a lead teacher and facilitator for Shanti Atma Journeys and she comes from a background in adventure travel and tourism, traveling all across the globe and teaching yoga from Spain to Costa Rica. Her yogic education originally blossomed from a Vinyasa-style background, adopting a love for a fluid connection to breath in her practice. She was quickly captured by yin philosophy and the practices’ ability to bring one home to the Self. She is passionate about helping people to connect to nature, their bodies, and the present moment through practice and meditation, no matter where they are in the world or in life.

Her teaching style is rooted in a belief in the healing energy of nature and the wisdom our bodies hold. Anna also has a passion for including sacred and yogic instruments in her meditation and classes, believing in the healing power that sound can have on the body. She can’t wait to share the magic of this practice with you!

Anna, USA

Note from Anna’s student

“Anna has such a soothing presence and the passion shines through her when she teaches. Feeling into what she loves make you love it even more. Offering self care in one of the retreats that she does is not something to be missed!”
– B, UK

Claire, UK

Claire is a lead teacher for Shanti Atma Journeys and has been practicing yoga since 2001. Both her smile laughter and joy for life is infectious! The main thing that has brought her great happiness and joy over the years has been connecting with people and sharing her joy of life.

Claire’s main intention behind her teaching is too enable people to leave with all the tools they need to create or strengthen a happy and healthy life for themselves, regardless of where they are in their life. Her intuitive and innate way to know how and what each individual wants vs needs is a true gift. Her soothing tone will relax you instantly, whilst her repetition in a manner of ways will bed down through the layers of your mind to concrete any teachings that are necessary for development at that time.
Since finding Becky and starting her journey with the Taoism philosophy, through joining the Shanti Atma family, the familiar feeling like coming home over came her. She cannot wait to spread this feeling through her retreats! 

Note from Claire’s student

“Claire loves giving a piece of herself through her classes and the environment that she creates. For me this was the most perfect thing as I love Yoga way beyond the asana. The care that Claire puts into her offerings is highly beyond expectation and if you are thinking of joining her on a retreat then don’t think twice!”
– Maddy