What is a Spiritual Pilgrimage?

Spiritual Pilgrimages is a journey. A physical journey that takes you to spiritual places and a spiritual journey that moves you through the layers of you. However while travel and spirituality go hand in hand, our pilgrimages are about more than the landscape you may travel through or make base camp on. They are about journeying through and to the Self. Seeing and stripping the layers that are no longer needed. While this may seem cliche, a spiritual pilgrimage is a journey on which enhances the magical presence of you and who you are. Not who you think you should be. Not who you once were. Not what others think you should be. Not who or what you could be. Who you are or who you want to work towards being. 

Spiritual pilgrimages help you travel to places inside that shine a light on your truth. Your essence. Your energy. They help you connect with Tao. Walk the path of Dhamma. Practice Yoga and lift you up with an energy that allows you to become who you truly are, with compassion and forgiveness. 

Touching base with spiritual places all over the world, you inner work will be connected with the energetic frequencies and lay lines of the world. Spiritual pilgrimages journey through a route that allows you to immerse yourself with world in its rawest sense, feeling and experiencing all elements of the universe.