When I Let Go, Things Fall Into Place

Shanti Atma Journeys was founded by Becky Khalil in 2019 while running Yin Yoga training courses across the world. During these residential / retreat based Yin Yoga teacher training courses, Becky was repeatedly told that the atmosphere created really allowed people to journey through and to themselves, leaving them clear and confident for their next steps ahead in life. Not only do these experiences allow each individual to completely let go of who they think they should be to instead embrace who they are, but the students of Shanti Atma Yoga have repeatedly said that they wish for more of a spiritual journey focused on self and implementing practices into life, after the course.
After being asked several times to stay on and facilitate this space for spiritual pilgrimages, the sister of Shanti Atma Yoga was born. Shanti Atma Journeys facilitates space where your practice and life become one. With support from an ever growing sanga to the individual hosts that are with you during your journey, the spiritual pilgrimages are designed to help you embark on a pilgrimage of truth, abundance and authenticity, a journey that may not be so enticing alone. 
We believe that anything is possible when you listen to your intuition and follow your heart. Taking that leap of faith and embarking on your spiritual journey is an important part of authentic living. We embrace challenge and change and we do it together. We laugh, cry, learn, sweat and rest, together, in places of spiritual wonder and deep heartfelt meaning, all across the world. We enter the evergrowing evolution of Self and are supported in a space where we can lean back and seek truth, without judgement and with compassion. 

We are here for you and your journey, 

Love Becky and the Shanti Atma Journeys Family